XRoom: My Hero Academy – Midoriya’s Sleep Kit

It’s time to give Deku a well deserved place to sleep and rest. This kit contains 20 packages based on the world of My Hero Academy and focused on Midoriya Izuku and his experience as up-and-coming hero.

Contains 20 Packages(4 furniture, 1 floor tile, 1 wall tile, 5 wall decoration, 1 rug, 1 rocket as interactive action figure, 7 clutter objects)

Necessary Packs Base Game

Topic My Hero Academy –  Midoriya Izuku – Bedroom/Sleepquarter

Release on Patreon (Early Access) now

Release for Public 1. April 2022

Download Link

3 thoughts on “XRoom: My Hero Academy – Midoriya’s Sleep Kit

  1. Dennis

    I love that you did a mha midorya room kit i love it but i have a request can you make in the sims 4 a antier house from the middorya famaly with inko and izuku

    1. DuoDraconis

      Thanks you very much. I appreciate the kind words for the mha kit and I encourage you to try to rebuild this house you mentioned. I’m pretty sure its not an easy task due to the size of the lots in sims, but that’s part of the challenge and fun. Unfortunately I’m lacking time to do it my self. 3D models want to be made.

      1. Dennis

        its not a big problem and ty for doing my chalange

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