Patreon Request: Porting Sora’s Cloth from KH3 to Sims 4

based on Kingdom Hearts 3 

type porting of an already existing asset. It isn’t perfect and has some issues – CAS is outside of my comfort zone

necessary packs Base Game and Discover University

contains 7 CAS items (Sweat Shirt, pants, Gloves, Shoes, Necklace, Hair, Underwear)

file size 19.28 MB

adult content none

complete packages download link

4 thoughts on “Patreon Request: Porting Sora’s Cloth from KH3 to Sims 4

  1. Eliskuya

    you should do more clothes from KH3

    1. DuoDraconis

      thank you very much and I hope you enjoyed the dress. to be blunt honest if there would be more interests then yeah I would see what I can do, but unfortunately there isn’t…Still hope the packages will satisfy

  2. twstedfantasy

    Hello! I too agree think you should do more KH3 clothing converts. I have this downloaded and it is literally perfect! Everywhere else all you find is a poorly reskinned S4 base game outfit posing as KH3 conversion.. if you ever do convert again, could you PLEASE do Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Vanitas and Master Eraqus? lol

    1. DuoDraconis

      Thanks, but it will be a while until I will touch Sims mods. Maybe one day I will do it eventually. Sorry other things have priority for the moment.

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