11 thoughts on “Cross Room Set – part four: Link (Breath of the Wild)

  1. Rokelle

    It seems like the download link is broken. The link to MediaFire on this download and the Twilight Princess set are both timing out.

    1. DuoDraconis

      It looks like Mediafire is down. I have to see if they are going up again or I have to fix this. We will see in two days.

  2. Anne Wolfsen

    i Love your BOTW room adore it but it breaks my game my sim wont eat or make home work could you pretty please with shugar on top update it cause i realy do love it

    1. DuoDraconis

      Thank you very much, that’s the first time I’m hearing this issues and again I don’t encounter them wne I test them on my side. So I do not know what object is actual broken or create the issues and as long I canÄt answer this question there isn’t a way to update them safely. The moment somebody can point out what breaks them I can fix them, not before. Thanks for your understanding.

  3. Jillian

    Hi this set and the other zelda set is amazing but i cant seem to get the beds from ether to work. i would place it and it never shows up and nothing is in that spot. I was wondering if there was a mesh or something i was missing

    1. DuoDraconis

      Please deactivate all you other CC and try it again. I don’t have this issue and so on can’t fix it. The meshes are all fine.

  4. GatsbyQuiet

    hello when i install this package in my mods folder it doesn’t appear in game, why? i have a ton of other mods and they work

    1. DuoDraconis

      Well it works for me, so I can’t reproduce your issue, but I can assume its not working because of one of your other mods. There is no quick way to find out which one except deactivate them all and then go through them, slowly. Its try and error, if you find the culprit please tell me which one, so I can look into it and fix the issue for everybody.

      Thanks for your understanding

  5. boxes

    hello! i am hoping to use this room because it looks so cool! the room is not showing up in my game. the cc is- so yay! i just cant find the pre-styled room anywhere

    1. DuoDraconis

      thanks, well I never added the room to the CC. I’m actual not even sure if its possible.

  6. Antoinella

    both breath of the wild and twilight princess packages are causing conflicts with the sims 4 functionality, i get last exception and i have fixed everything else, but this keeps interfering with my sims cell trying to travel and it glitches. Please fix this !!!!! all my mods and CCs are up to date with no problems.

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